What is an Indigenous PHI?

What is a Public Health Institute?

Seven Directions is a member of the National Network of Public Health Institutes. Public health institutes work with a range of multi-sector and multi-disciplinary partners towards a shared mission that creates conditions leading to improved health. Seven Directions aims to support the tribal and urban Indian public health system in much the same manner, but in a way that embodies Indigenous knowledge, practices and approaches to wellness.

We are dedicated to transforming Indigenous public health practice through culturally grounded, innovative programs and services that will:

  • Honor Indigenous knowledge and understanding of public health.
  • Remain active, and enthusiastically seek and share knowledge with others.
  • Build relationships with those who share passion for public health.
  • Contribute to innovation and creativity within the field.
  • Seek opportunities to understand what improves Indigenous health.
  • Generate resources – models, tools, and information – to develop our practice.

Why an Indigenous PHI?

In 2011, Red Star Innovations launched a project to examine the role a Tribal PHI might play in improving health among American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities. This project was borne from the recognition that Tribal and urban Indian communities could benefit from a centralized source of technical expertise, knowledge and resources in public health. Download the document below to learn more.

(PDF) Making the Case for an Indigenous PHI
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