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Free Technical Assistance for Programs Working on Opioid Overdose Prevention

Seven Directions provides free technical assistance (TA) to Indigenous-focused organizations working to address Opioid and Substance Use in their communities. We support a wide range of organizations, including Tribal health programs, Urban Indian organizations, Tribal colleges, and more.

The Seven Directions Tribal Opioid Technical Assistance Partner Site Map depicts the more than 20 communities that Seven Directions has supported with technical assistance between 2019 and 2024. Reaching nearly every Indian Health Service Area, Seven Directions has connected with diverse Indigenous communities across the United States.

We help organizations with:

  • Opioid Program Planning & Implementation
  • Indigenous Evaluation Design & Data Collection
  • Community Event Planning & Promotion

What is Technical Assistance (TA)?

Technical Assistance (TA) refers to a wide range of supports that outside professionals can provide to programs. This includes resources and ideas to help programs work through challenges, plan and implement programs, and create new tools for their community. TA is not limited to "technical" support, such as computer or IT issues.

What types of TA does Seven Directions provide?

Hover over the boxes for some examples. If you are unsure if your project is a good fit, please submit a TA Request Form and we would be happy to chat with you.

Program Innovation

Designing Inclusive Services for Diverse Populations

Indigenous Program Evaluation

Why choose TA with Seven Directions?

Seven Directions centers Indigenous values, knowledge, and ways of working with our TA partners. In every call, we focus on your organization's needs and work with you to figure out how we can leverage our resources, providers, and network to support you and your organization. Below are several other reasons for choosing TA with Seven Directions.

Flexible schedule:

We understand that you and your team are busy, so our TA program consists of regular calls that work best for your team’s schedule.

Tailored, supportive space:

We help teams reflect, increase creativity, and make progress on your organization’s important work and goals.

Experienced Technical Assistance provider:

We have provided TA on Opioid and Substance Use projects to over 22 tribal and Urban Indian organizations in the past four years. Through our affiliations with the University of Washington and the National Network of Public Health Institutes, we offer access to a broad array of resources and examples from peer organizations.

Dedicated and Experienced TA Team:

Tee Benally, MPH, Diné (Navajo) and White Mountain Apache
Jamie Lan, BS
Maya Magarati, PhD, Indigenous Magar, Nepal
Myra Parker, JD, MPH, PhD, Mandan and Hidatsa
Danielle Eakins, PhD

Christina Oré, MPH, DrPH
Leo Egashira, MBA
Angie Gaffney, MPA
Jessica Kipp, BA, Blackfeet
Kase Cragg, MPH/MSW

Interested in Requesting Technical Assistance for Your Team?

It’s easy to sign up! Simply fill out this intake form to get connected to a Seven Directions TA coach. We will review your form and contact you to set up our first call. We look forward to working with you!

For questions, please contact the Seven Directions TA Team:

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