Our Nations Our Journeys

Indigenous Public Health Forum

About the Forum

Our Nations, Our Journeys Indigenous Public Health Forum is a gathering that celebrates indigenous achievements and innovations in public health practice.  By honoring diversity and unique pathways to wellness, this event is an opportunity for tribal and urban Indian public health leaders and professionals to participate in a community of practice focused on one common goal: healthy Native communities.

ONOJ 2023: Healing from the Opioid Epidemic through Strengths-based Approaches and Data Sovereignty

View information about ONOJ 2023 here.

ONOJ 2020: Fight for Our Future

This year’s theme, “Fight for Our Future: Finding Strength in Indigenous Public Health,” is a call to come together and work towards solutions for the public health crisis impacting our communities. We are pleased to announce ONOJ will be completely virtual this year. The Virtual Forum schedule and events overviews are now available!

More About ONOJ 2020

Our Nations, Our Journeys is a forum for strategic conversation that brings together diverse perspectives to talk about the big picture and big questions.  

The Forum’s goals are to explore strategies to bridge public health and health care by:

  • Building new, mutually beneficial opportunities to network and engage with others.
  • Creating a shared understanding and vision for American Indian and Alaska Native (population) health.
  • Discovering imperatives for change through dialogue and exchange.
  • Exploring solutions and opportunities for Indigenous health systems transformation.
  • Making recommendations that can facilitate change and inspire action.
2018 Forum Recap