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Gathering Grounds Wellness Session with Acosia Red Elk

For our first session of the year we were joined by Acosia Red Elk who guided us through Powwow Yoga, a fusion practice that combines Indigenous Powwow Dancing with Vinyasa Yoga for a five-dimensional workout incorporating cardio, strengthening and stretching, neural stimulation, breathwork, and meditation. Powwow Yoga bridges the gap between the group fitness and yoga worlds while adding grounding cultural elements. The session was recorded and is available on YouTube.

About the Facilitator

Acosia Red Elk is an Enrolled Member of the Umatilla Reservation in Northeastern Oregon. She is a 10x World Champion Jingle Dancer, Indigenous Yoga Teacher and Facilitator. Acosia travels the world sharing cultural knowledge and movement, and is known for her unique style of dance, indigenous approach to yoga, public speaking and storytelling.

Finding the practice of yoga seven years ago has guided Acosia towards her natural role as a wellness leader, shown in her passion for sharing yoga with Native People. She seeks to spread awareness about the healing benefits of movement and the power of thought, and how these tools can be used daily to release toxic stress and reduce historical and bodily trauma held in the body. Acosia is the creator of Powwow Yoga, a movement practice that combines Indigenous Powwow Dancing with yoga, using the 7th Generation Principles to protect and ensure a future of healthy generations.

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