Indigenous Evaluation Training Series Starting June 26

June 26, 2020 10:00 AM


About this Series

This three-part webinar is intended to provide an initial introduction to the Indigenous Evaluation Framework developed by Dr. Joan LaFrance in collaboration with the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) which includes a synthesized approach with both Indigenous ways of knowing and Western evaluation practice. Dr. LaFrance will describe the development of the framework, provide definitions of key constructs and processes, and discuss examples of how to best apply the framework within Indigenous communities, highlighting some of her work with Indigenous health and education work worldwide. The purpose is to offer Indigenous people, faculty, staff, and students with an opportunity to learn about an Indigenous-centered approach from the expert in Indigenous Evaluation, and to hold a space for meaningful discussion to learn how this approach may be used in a variety of settings and contexts. This series is a collaboration between Seven Directions, Center for Indigenous Public Health, the University of Washington Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies, and Mekinak Consulting.

Training provided by Dr. Joan LaFrance.
Joan LaFrance, Ed.D., is owner of Mekinak Consulting, a management and evaluation service in Seattle, Washington specializing in educational program evaluation, research, and management studies. She is a member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa. Joan received her doctorate from Harvard University, and a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Washington.

Series Topics & Schedule

  • Introduction to the Four Foundations of Indigenous Evaluation

         Friday, June 26, 10 am PT

  • The Relationship of Indigenous Knowledge and Core Values to Evaluation

          Friday, July 17, 10 am PT

  • The Role of Community in Indigenous Evaluation

          Friday, July 24, 10 am PT