Gathering Grounds Meeting for Health Workers & Students - How to Engage in the 2020 Election

October 6, 2020 10:00 AM


Voting matters for health –– the act itself, your safety and accessibility in doing it, and its impacts on your community. Amidst unprecedented intersecting crises that all have to do with community health –– from COVID-19 to uprisings against anti-Black violence to the climate crisis –– so much is at stake as voters nationwide begin to cast ballots as early as this week.

Health workers and students have a unique role to play in ensuring people can vote safely vote, sharing critical voting information with our networks, and drawing the connections between health and the many pressing issues of this moment. This webinar-style meeting will provide information to equip you to play all of these important roles (and will cover in-person and remote roles to play).

Speaker bios and more details soon!

Hosted by Seven Directions and Public Health Awakened