Conducting an Organizational Self-Assessment During Covid-19: Stories of Community Response as Self-Assessment

May 11, 2021 10:00 AM


This session will provide a tribal entity/organization’s perspective on conducting organizational self-assessments during the pandemic. We will discuss the challenges of implementing self-assessment and opportunities for reframing the approaches and tools used in public health. We welcome Jayson Hunt, who represents Wabanaki Public Health and Wellness, to describe the success of two programs, Color and Water. During the pandemic, the two programs were adapted to best serve elders in the Wabanaki communities. Wabanaki represents a consortium of five tribal nations and a collaborative system composed of public health, social services, and behavioral health.  

Questions we are interested in discussing:

  •  Do we need to reframe organizational self-assessments of performance within tribal nations/ entities going forward? 
  • How do we conduct organizational self-assessments across three departments?  
  • How common is conducting double evaluations  (i.e., cultural/community and funders)for every program? 
  • Are there talking points for funders and decision-makers regarding the balance between using national and community-level assessment tools and methods to reflect the processes and impacts on health and wellbeing?