April 2024 Gathering Grounds: Restoring Indigenous Ways of Caring for Pregnancy

April 16, 2024 10:00 AM

Please join us for the April Gathering Grounds session! We are excited to welcome Dr. Shannon Maloney and Katsi Cook for a presentation on Restoring Indigenous Ways of Caring for Pregnancy.

Dr. Maloney (Mohawk) has focused on Indigenous maternal health as a personal passion in North America and globally. She currently leads research studies about restoring Indigenous pregnancy care, preconception counseling in family practice settings and the role of media on birth choice.

Katsi Cook (Wolf Clan Mohawk) is an Indigenous midwife and Elder of the National Council of Indigenous Midwives. Katsi’s work in environmental reproductive health has spanned many worlds and disciplines and demonstrates a lifelong career of advancing the superlatives of Indigenous knowledge.