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Funding Opportunities

ONOJ Funding Opportunities

Seven Directions’ work would not be possible without our many partners, collaborators, and advisors, and your presence at ONOJ 2023 is very important to us. In order to facilitate our community’s attendance, we are offering two types of travel funding assistance.

1. Select Conference Partner Funding

We are pleased to be able to provide funding to cover registration fees and travel for select project partners, conference speakers, and ONOJ Awardees. A Seven Directions staff member will be in touch with you directly if funding is available and will provide you with a Discount Code to use at check-out.

2. Scholarships for Indigenous Students and Professionals

Additionally, Seven Directions is excited to offer a limited number of fully funded travel scholarships for members of the following groups who would benefit from financial support to attend the conference. Travel scholarships include a waived registration fee, travel funding (airfare plus ground transportation), lodging, and per diem. Meals will also be provided at the conference itself. The two groups who are eligible for travel scholarships include:

  • Indigenous students: Members of a state or federally recognized tribe who are currently enrolled as a student, post-doc, or fellow and who are 18 years old or older.
  • Indigenous professionals: Members of a state or federally recognized tribe who are currently working in a public health- or data-focused career.

Application process: Please complete a short questionnaire HERE answering some basic questions and outlining your interest in attending this conference focused on Indigenous public health. Seven Directions will review your application and let you know if you have been awarded a travel scholarship. Please wait to complete your registration form until you have heard from Seven Directions. If you are awarded a travel scholarship, Seven Directions will provide you a unique Discount Code to use at registration and you can complete your registration then.

Application Deadline: March 31, 2023

Questions? If you have questions about your eligibility (e.g., if you are a member of a tribe that is NOT state or federally registered), feel free to fill out the application and state your question within the form itself (space will be provided). Alternatively, for this and any other questions, please email Leo Egashira: seattleo@uw.edu.

Finally, if you believe you are eligible for travel funding but have not been contacted by Seven Directions or NNPHI, please reach out to Leo Egashira: seattleo@uw.edu.

If you are receiving travel funding (either as a funded partner or through a travel scholarship), Seven Directions will send you a Discount Code to enter at the point of registration. When you register, please select “General Participant” under “Registration Type” and enter your Discount Code before check-out. Your travel arrangements will follow from there. NNPHI will work directly with you to book your flights and hotel accommodations. Please contact onoj@nnphi.org with additional questions.

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Travel Scholarships

Funding for Indigenous Students and Professionals to attend ONOJ 2023 is available!

Travel scholarships

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